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Endless blue skies. Glorious sunshine. Healer Sea: from azure to turquoise blue waters. Mediterranean Diet.
All these in the comfort of your home complemented by Grecotel’s exceptional service.


A land blessed by the gods!

Attica’s historical and cultural heritage speaks for itself: featuring Athens, a modern metropolis wrapped around the Parthenon, a long Riviera dotted with sandy beaches, vibrant nightclubs and luxurious resorts, picturesque islands in sparking seas and the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion, and offering a wealth of activities all year round, from sailing, to shopping, to sightseeing, to fine dining and clubbing, Attika is truly a land blessed by the gods! Wake up, dine in Cape Sounio and enjoy the gorgeous sunsets with the splendid view of Poseidon’s Temple. Just 10 miles south of Athens, the city streets give way to idyllic palm-fringed beaches and beachfront promenades of the Athens Riviera which stretches 50 kilometres along the Saronic Gulf to the southernmost point of Attica.


White and blue, the jewel of the Cyclades, with its dreamy sandy beaches and cosmopolitan character, is the island that never sleeps. Loved for its superb landscapes, traditional whitewashed buildings, windmills, small churches and picturesque harbors with fishing boats moored next to the luxury yachts of the international jet set, it is word famous for its sophisticated nightlife and endless beach parties, all in a backdrop of luxury and azure seas.. Located on the islands’ western harbour, the "Chora" of Mykonos is a very beautiful old island town, which in the past had its own merchant fleet. Whitewashed houses, proud windmills, a multitude of chapels, busy back streets with balconies full of flowers and a multicoloured fleet of fishing boats in the port paint the picturesque scenery. 


Peloponnese is one of Greece’s most unspoilt regions, renowned for its archaeological treasures – among which Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games – as well as for its outstanding natural beauty. Myths and legends lie around every corner of the mountainous landscape dotted with colourful villages and scented with citrus trees, herbs and flowers. An abundance of sandy beaches, cultural and historical experiences and warm Greek hospitality, make the Peloponnese the ideal destination for family holidays and romantic getaways alike.


History, culture, nature, nurture. Holidays in Heraklion region are incredible, breathtaking, exciting, surprising, relaxing, inspiring: exactly as a vacation should be. The Heraklion region has Crete's most important and fascinating archaeological sites. The island's rich & unique cultural heritage comes alive when traipsing through the Minoan palaces of Knossos, Phaistos, Malia & Gortyna. The many treasures unearthed at these sites are in the exceptional collection of the Archaeological Museum in the city of Heraklion - the island's capital.


Few places evoke the mythic legacy of the Mediterranean as powerfully as Rethymno. Nymphs walk the goat tracks of Mount Idi, where Zeus was born. Jasmine and olive trees amongst barren rocks, churches & monasteries; ancient sea turtles come back again and again on the longest beach of Crete. Rethymno’s charms are visible in a single glance. Fortezza, a massive 16th-century fortress built on Paleokastro hill to protect the city from the Turks, now beckons visitors to explore it. Wander along the paved lanes of Rethymno Old Town  and admire the Creto-Venetian architecture as you browse wares, from food to jewelry on sale in stores and mingle with the locals in the coffeehouses around Platanos square.


Corfu’s natural beauty lies in a richness of velvet green cypress trees; silver olive groves and mountainous skylines that plunge into the bluest of waters. Italianate architecture, golden beaches, enchanting nightlife, and fine cuisine all play their part in attracting visitors from all over the world. With a welcome as warm as the sun, the renowned Greek reputation for hospitality makes any visitor, young or old, feel more than at home.


Dodecanese’s most exciting destination!

Kos Island is among Greece’s most popular tourist destinations, receiving millions of visitors each year who are drawn by the islands’ history, gorgeous beaches, bountiful land with thick vegetation, casual atmosphere, and luxury resorts. The island of Kos is ideal for walking holidays, biking (it is the only Aegean island with dedicated cycle paths on most roads), visits to archaeological sites including the Asclepius where Hippocrates taught. Besides golden, dazzling beaches there is much more than the Greek Island of Kos has to offer.
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